Would you be Better Off with a Cloud ERP?

September 25, 2017 / GuidesFor Team

TG Daily enumerated a number of reasons why cloud ERP could be better than on-premise ERP. Among the reasons given were the following; lower costs, prompt and fast implementation, easier accessibility, and simpler UI. With these reasons it’s easy to conclude that cloud ERP is much better than its counterpart, but it’s also important to look into other factors since this kind of migration might not work well for every one. Despite the rise of cloud technology, there still remains enough reasons for some companies to stick to an on-premise system. 

Here is an article explaining a couple of things you should consider before moving your ERP system to the cloud. This also explains why after all these years, ERP remains an important investment for organizations. Read on to find out. – Gail Limpin

Read the source article at eweek.com

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